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Our Philosophy

Born in the heart of London, Mastrioni is a truly British brand with an Italian touch at its essence. We believe that intimate wear expresses your innermost being.  We only use the highest quality fabrics and deliver the most luxurious pieces to our clients. Our design philosophy is to integrate clean modern lines with timeless silhouettes to compose sensual yet comfortable garments.

We approach every piece in the way that one would approach a work of art. 

Fashion is at the heart of everything that we do. We don't follow trends, we set them. Our design team is always on top of what's coming up on the  catwalks and we aim to dress men and women to suit their unique senses at the highest standard.

What is luxury? When the product, its quality and its design aesthetic form a seamless experience to inspire us. When a garment becomes more than a garment, and becomes a piece of art delivering the highest level of comfort with the keenest attention paid to the most minute of details. To us, this is luxury. This is the love that we put into  every piece that leaves our atelier. 

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