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Award-winning & crafted to perfection.

Step up your game with our Panther Briefs. Ideal to bring sensual elegance to your daily wardrobe.

Our award-winning trunks seamlessly blend comfort and style. Our carefully selected fabrics result in a flattering fit that's designed for optimal comfort and freshness.

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As featured in British GQ and GQ Style

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The palette

This season's colours are carefully curated to add a vibrant edge to your wardrobe along with the timeless MASTRIONI elegance.


We believe even your daily underwear should hold an aesthetic that evokes a sensual elegance while providing the ultimate in comfort. The first thing you notice when trying on the Panther Briefs collection from MASTRIONI is that the fit feels breathable to allow movement and yet hugs the body for a flattering contour.

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As featured in British GQ and GQ Style

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